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Abstract This study aimed to Impact of green human resource factors on environmental performance in manufacturing companies at petrochemical companies in assaluyeh and mahshahr.This is a descriptive-correlational study with applied objective. The target population includes experts and human resource managers health, safety & environment management system of petrochemical companies in assaluyeh and mahshahr. That society is 600 people that the statistical sample consists of234 subjects who were selected by the random sampling method. standard questionnaire of Green Human Resources factors and Environmental performance from Anusingh and Shikha used to collect data Finally the study data was analyzed by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method The results showed top management commitment to environmental management, employee environmental training, employees team work, employee Involvement, employee environmental rewards and green programs have a significant and positive impact on environmental performance but environmental cooperation staff had no significant impact on environmental performance.
Soheila Bourghani Farahani - Banafsheh Fotovat - Maryam Khadem
Keywords : green human resource, ، environmental performance, ، manufacturing companies
Agility is a series of capabilities and competencies, which can cause survival and growth of the organization in business environment. One of the approaches that help organizations to enhance agility is electronic human resource management (E-HRM) approach. The main objective of the present study is finding an answer for this issue that how one can use E-HRM approach to develop organizational agility. In this study that has been conducted using survey method, after review of foreign and domestic research literature and construction of conceptual model, a questionnaire would be provided and distributed among employees of bank branches of Bushehr City in Iran and finally, collected data from 315 questionnaires would be analyzed using structural equation modeling method. Obtained results from the study confirm the presented conceptual model and indicate that using E-HR, Electronic payment of human resources, human resources maintenance and electronic performance appraisal of human resources and also electronic human resource management (E-HRM) can affect organizational agility significantly in confidence level of 99%. In addition, effect of variables of Electronic employment of human resources and human resource communications on organizational agility has not been confirmed.
fakhrieh Hamidianpour - - Habibeh Firoozi
Keywords : electronic human resource management (E-HRM), E-learning of human resources, E-payment of human resources, E-performance appraisal of human resource, organizational agility
In recent years, the focus of many organizations is rapt to achieve superior performance as a competitive advantage, and managers are striving to encourage the organization in order to improve their performance. Due to this important issue, in this study the initially regarding the role of information in the effectiveness of supply chain strategies performance and also considering the role of supply chain strategies in improving supply chain performance and consequently the performance of the organization, the conceptual model was designed. The data needed to test the conceptual model by using standard questionnaires were collected which the content validity by experts and its reliability by calculating the Cronbach's alpha was approved. The questionnaire were distributed Between 135 members of the ceramic & tile industry executives in Yazd and the collected data were analyzed using structural equation modeling with LISREL software version 8.2.The results of the analysis of the data showed that the significant level between all the variables was greater than (1/96) which indicates that the relationship between them in the level of confidence (95%) is significant. Besides, the path coefficient shows the intensity impact of the independent variable on the dependent one so that, all hypotheses were confirmed.
Seyed Mahmood Zanjirchi - hamidreza shokrizade - negar jalilian
Keywords : Information Technology, supply chain strategies, performance, Structural Equation Modeling
In the present era, measuring technology performance is one of the best ways to obtain information for decision making in organizations. It also plays a vital role in the success of organizations. Yet, many organizations have not developed and adopted official processes for technology performance assessment. While measuring technology performance, managers have always looked for some methods in order to assess performance. The purpose of the present study is to provide a hybrid model for the assessment and selection of appropriate technology in Pars Khodro car factories, to identify assessment indices of technology level, to weigh and rank them using Fuzzy ANP Technique, to determine the effectiveness and impressionability of the indices using DEMATEL Technique.The population of the present study included 20 senior production and information technology managers of the mentioned factories. The results of this study can present a comprehensive view regarding assessment of technological capability and capability of the decision makers of car industry in Iran.
- Habibollah Javanmard
Keywords : Technology Management, ، Assessment, ، TechniqueDEMATEL, ، Technique ANP, ، Panda model
In order to recognize and exploit opportunities successfully, enterpreneurs should understand techological environment, recognize driven forces and critical factors and understand the dynamic and real relationship among these factors. In this research which is an exploratory one, based on opportunity recognition litratures, new conceptual model of the influence of techological knowledge on innovation and opportunity recognition and exploitation process is introduced and examined. This model is developed based on other researches findings, evaluated based on industries experts as well as academic professionals and then examined using data collected from food industries companies. The results of analysis which is done using SPSS & PLS confirmed the justifiability of the model. This model can help the governmental authorities and industry stakeholders as well as researchers to develop new knowledge oriented guidelines within entrepreneurial activities.
Hossein Abolhassani - Ali Davari - Farhad Sanjari Fard
Keywords : Innovation ، Technological knowledge ، Enterpreneurial opportunity ، Opportunity recognition and exploitation

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